Welcome to our new eCommerce website where you will now be able to purchase from Trails End Knife Company Damascus Knives on-line.

Every knife offered by the Trails End Knife Company (TEKC) is a unique, attractive and functional creation offered to you at a very competitive and reasonable value. TEKC knives are made from what is popularly known as “Damascus” or damask steel and are unique because of the revealed patterns or grain of the steel used in each of these knives. These patterns are a result of the forge-welded processes that fold various types of steel together, typically a high and low carbon steel, into an attractive, unique and functional blade. This technique produces the elegant but rugged blade that makes TEKC’s knives a “one-of-a-kind” treasure for “show” or for everyday use. Not only is every blade different in the folded steel pattern, but TEKC uses quality natural and synthetic materials that will make your knife a pleasure to use and appreciate.

TEKC Wood and Horn FVKnives pictured on this site are only a small representation of our product line, and represents a sampling of the styles of blades and handle materials used to created TEKC knives.

Trails End Knife Company also carries a variety of firearms, ammunition, and other items created by area craftsmen (and women) too numerous to mention. Please drop by our store to see the latest product lines or call us during business hours to place an order with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. Visit us on Facebook to find out where you can find us at upcoming Gun and Knife shows!

Come visit our retail store between Owasso and Collinsville (Community of German Corner) just north of the Tulsa metro area.

11429 East 116th Street North, Collinsville, OK  74021    Click here for MAP.